• Geolocation

    Build relationships with clients that add reciprocal value. Target customers by location in real-time, and analyse the results to move your push notifications from annoying to necessary and from intrusive to addictive. A focus on location makes your store, products, services, and campaigns relevant.

What can you do with Geolocation?

Location Aware

Be smart about targeting customers with location services. Store geo-coded data and content, and query them using geo-spatial search methods. Rank data around user location or display content on integrated maps. Really know if targeted offers bring more customers into your store and result in genuine sales.

Location Targeting

Customers could be right around the corner, but miss exactly what they need from you. Alert nearby users about promotions and sales to avoid losses and be a true benefit to customers. Netmera makes it easy to build a geo-fence around your location and set up automatic messages for users within the geo-fence.

Geo Fences

You have a physical store and you want to push your users a little to come in when they are around.Build a geofence around the store and send your messages automatically.

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