• Engagement Analytics

    Real-time mobile analytics are more than discovery analytics; they are analytics for action. They measure the impact of your influence, and match your marketing strategy with your intent.

    Netmera helps you dig into the details that make a difference without drowning in data. Our mobile analytics measure content effectiveness and highlight audience engagement trends to allow you to drive results.

What can you do with Engagement Analtytics?

App Analytics

Understanding how users interact with your app is essential to continusously give users an exceptional experience, and develop new versions. Analyse downloads, open rates, location and device information, and other in-app information to give your business the insight it needs to improve.

Campaign Analytics

Apps and push campaigns work in tandem. Users may not distinguish the two, but you should analyse the impact of each separately to make sure one is enhancing the other. With Netmera, know how many notifications are read, how often links are clicked, and how campaigns influence action.

Bugs and Errors

Netmera’s analytics help your app run smoothly. Know what issues users encounter and learn details about the root causes of those issues, including device specifics. Exceptions are grouped and reported to help you quickly eliminated bugs and errors.

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