Parse Shuts Down. Migrate and Upgrade with Netmera!

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Last week Facebook announced it’s shutting down Parse, a cloud-based service that helps developers build mobile apps. Parse was an important tool for mobile developers and significantly improved the launch time of new apps. But along with its backend services, Parse was also offering a Push messaging service which provided customers with some useful basic capabilities to engage their app users.

Therefore, while searching for Parse alternatives, there is a great opportunity for app developers and owners to boost their retention and revenue by upgrading their mobile app engagement and campaigning capabilities.

Netmera offers a series of state of the art Mobile App Engagement & Retention services on top of regular Push Notifications like Parse Push. Netmera Push services focus on providing detailed segmentation & targeting features and a wide variety of notification formats and advanced push reporting opportunities.

We are on a mission to help Parse customers to easily migrate their app users and boost their app engagement and performance in the meanwhile. How?

Here’s the Answer:

Rich Media Notifications: these are notifications enriched by images, maps and videos. The best way to empower your messages when you realize using text is not enough!

Interactive Notifications: with these notifications your app users can respond to your push messages immediately! You can provide them with a call to action and ask them to opt-in, purchase or read something.

– Advanced Features for Push Delivery: Netmera provides you real device notifications’ testing prior to delivery, A/B testing of messages and the option to set push delivery timing depending on users time zone.

Geo Fences: this feature allows you to send automatic messages to users who enters a specified area. For example, you can build a geofence around your physical store and attract your users to enter when they are nearby. 

Behaviour Based Segmentation: Netmera helps you gather and analyse in-app user behaviours to create meaningful segments, tags, and auto-triggers in order to design personalised push notifications.

Beacon Support: beacons are physical devices which allow you to engage with customers via mobile applications while they shop in your store.

Marketing Automation: with Netmera you have the chance to build automated campaigns which are triggered by customer actions.

Advanced Analytics: real-time mobile analytics that helps you measure your content effectiveness and highlight your audience engagement trends.

All these advanced Push services show a higher conversion rate that the plain Push services, so they are crucial to improve the retention and engagement of your users.

With Netmera, Parse customers can easily find what they’ve lost and discover a lot more!

The highlights of our Migration Offering for Parse customers:

– Import your push users NOW into Netmera! Just send an email to and we will help you through the migration process.

– You won’t need to update your app in order to send push notifications from Netmera to your Parse powered app!

– You will benefit from a 3 months trial with all Parse users in order to test all our advanced features.

– We’ll be launching soon an automated migration tool that will automatically import your push users from Parse into Netmera. We are well aware that migration from Parse to Netmera is not a one-time process. There will be a long period during which all your users will be updating your app and both Netmera and Parse SDKs will be live side by side in your users pockets. Our automated migration tool will help you manage this transition period in the best possible way!

We are very excited for this offering because we really think this is a great opportunity for Parse customers to keep counting on the services they already used and grow through Netmera advanced services in the meanwhile!

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you migrate from Parse and boost your mobile app’s engagement, retention & revenue.


February 4, 2016 / Netmera

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