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Yesterday we deployed our latest Netmera version. As always, we developed this version according to your comments and feedback. We are proud to say that it will make “targeting” believers and campaigns managers who use Netmera heavily, very satisfied. Also, we have some improvements that made Netmera usage even easier. Now please let me introduce some major changes to you and briefly talk about user interface improvements.

Many of you tell us that using segments make your campaign results better. Daily active user rates, app open rates, push open rates or conversion rates, whichever are important to you, are definitely affected by targeting the right audience. Especially targeting your users based on their behaviours plays a big role in campaign return.

As many of you already know, it is possible to add properties to customer behaviors, such as “People who watched more than one movie in my app last week + movie genre is comedy”. However, till today you could not use one behaviour more than once. Hence, if you wanted to target people who watched comedy and romance, you could not do that. Similarly, “people who opened their app more than once in the last three months, but haven’t opened it in the last week” could not be your target. But right now, it is possible to use one event more than once when you create a segment.

A second major change is in the reports part. From now on, you will know where your push receivers are! People who opened their push notifications will be displayed in a heat map. If you are already tracking your user’s location, you can also view your old campaigns’ heat maps now!

The third change is again about reports. Many of you asked us who your push openers are. Right now, at the bottom of your push report, you will see a link which says “Get list of users who clicked pushes”. By clicking this link, you will receive an email with the report! This report is in a format that can be uploaded to your systems to feed this valuable data.

Also, we made several changes in the control panel. Finding a previous campaign, or sorting campaigns according to date/open rates/number of sent pushes, are now possible options and will be time savers for many of you. There are also lots of minor improvements in our screens, to achieve a simpler and better experience for you.

Last change is related to our Cloud Content product. Being our first service, Netmera cloud content has a different place in our hearts. So, we will continue supporting our backend services for its existing users. However, Netmera will have a stronger focus on app user engagement. This focus change resulted from your feedback as well. Many of you are expecting to see more targeting tools and a better reporting. From now on, we will stop accepting new users for Netmera Cloud Content product.

Hope you’ll enjoy using those new features. We wait to hear from you. Feedback is always welcome!

Netmera Team

July 17, 2014 / Netmera

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