Netmera New Year Release

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Netmera New Year Release

With the holiday season just around the corner, our team worked hard to prepare Netmera New Year release. And yes, we released our new version just before Christmas! This final release of 2015 is another milestone for our users and includes many new features and improvements for them to easily run their push notifications and get the best results from their campaigns. Here are the highlights of our brand new release.

If you want to have more information about any of new features or want to try them just send an email to our Customer Success Team at .

Exporting Segments

Netmera has extensive user segmentation and targeting capabilities including behavior based segmentations, user tagging or geo-locations. You can now export user lists of segments created in Netmera with the touch of a button. Exported data can then be used in your other marketing or reporting systems.

Netmera_Exporting Segments

Re-targeting Made Easy by Campaign Auto Tags

Engaging with your users is a continuous and multi-touch process. So follow up campaigns are almost always necessary to increase results of push campaigns. Now it is easy to tag users automatically when they receive a push campaign message or when they open a push message. This small but powerful feature will help you create follow up campaigns by precisely targeting users based on their reaction to previous campaigns.

Netmrea_Auto Tagging

Tagging Users by Secure FTP

Netmera has always been an open system to bring lists of users compiled in other systems and send push campaigns using results of other targeting and segmentation systems. REST API or Excel/File Upload were current mechanisms to upload users to Netmera. Now we added SFTP (Secure FTP) to upload large files of user lists. The uploaded lists will be automatically matched with your existing users and users can be tagged with your external tags. In order to setup your secure connection to SFTP servers please contact our support team (

Push Message Limits are Now More Flexible

Limiting daily, weekly or monthly push messages a user receives is a powerful feature to respect users and preventing unnecessary message bombarding of users. But in certain cases, such as event triggered message deliveries or in some general purpose or important announcements, the limits may be too limiting for your mobile communication needs.

You now have the option to ignore user limits for delivery of certain messages. However, please be sure to use this option when it is absolutely necessary and always keep your push messaging frequency at acceptable levels.

Netmrea_Auto Tagging2

Delivery of Automated Messages at Proper Times

Automated (or auto triggered) push messages are used extensively to send personalized notifications to users related to their activities, such as delivery or booking confirmations or cancellations. However, since these messages can be triggered at odd times (who wants to know their order has been approved at 3am in the morning!), we now introduced a wait option to delay the message during curfew hours and deliver the message later.

Netmera_Time Restriction

Filtering Test Pushes from Reports

It’s requested by many of our customers that test push campaigns could be filtered out from campaign reports, and this feature is now available as an option on reports screen. This small improvement can be crucial for those who send extensive test messages.

Netmera_Report Filter

More Granular Control Over Push Deliveries, Tests and Limits

We added additional package sizes when adjusting delivery speed of push messages. You can now adjust delivery speed between 250 messages per 30 minutes to 50,000 messages per minute. Push delivery throttling is an important feature for assuring your app backend can cope with the load of a successful campaign.

During A/B testing, again more options are offered when selecting percentage of audience for each test run.

In settings, you now have more options for setting daily, weekly or monthly push delivery limits for individual users.

News for Our Backend Data and Content Services

We also have news about our product road map. Netmera was offering backend services for mobile apps along with engagement, retention, campaigning and push notification services. At the end of January 2016, we will discontinue our app backend services including image storage, data storage, content repository, user management and location based data & content storage and search services.

At the time we offered these services there were very few choices for app developers to use as their app backend. While we introduced our premium app engagement and targeting capabilities, many cloud providers started to offer app backend services. So it is now easier for an app developer to build its app using many available backend services.

We made this decision in order to focus on our core engagement, targeting and push notification products. Netmera became a leading platform for mobile apps in these areas for premium brands and customers such as Vodafone or Yellow Pages. Therefore we will continue to invest in app engagement, behavioral targeting and related products with our renewed focus.

If you have any questions about our new features or need help using them within your apps just send an email to our Success team at

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. And of course happy mobile campaigning!

Netmera Team

December 21, 2015 / Netmera

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