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We have been mentioning that Netmera is a “Mobile App Engagement” platform. To make this statement stronger, we have been working on new features, which will be very beneficial for you and your users. This week we’ll reveal our secret weapons, that were born from your feedbacks and dreams.

Last week, you may have seen some differences in our web control panels. As we had so many changes for this release, we started by changing the control panels first, in order to make you familiar with them.Today, we  posted our new SDK as well, and as you download and embed it in your app, you will be ready to use the cool features that we built up! But what are they? Let me tell you about them in detail.

In-App Pop-ups

We all know pop-ups, don’t we? Well, for those who don’t, we can describe them as customized display areas. They are triggered by user actions such as app opens, viewing a specific page, clicking on a link, etc. As a user, I find it boring to receive the same pop-up each time I do a specific action. We have been thinking about this for a while in Netmera, and decided to build up a service which will enable you to manage your pop-ups. This service doesn’t only let you change the content, but it also allows you to make a more detailed targeting and analyze the results.

In order to unify the experience you have with Netmera, we have built this feature very similar to our push notification service. Both targeting and reporting parts will look familiar to you. There was one question that we received very frequently from you: ”How will we reach people who did not allow push notifications?” Now, this is how! Pop-ups will reach everyone who opens your app, no matter if they allowed push notifications or not! Furthermore, you can also use small sized versions of pop-ups within your pages to enrich your content!


This has been a quite popular feedback that we received from you. You said it is important to test the effectiveness of your push campaigns, make some trials and decide on the main campaign after seeing the results. Well, we have done this! Now you can make trials on up to 3 groups and, after comparing the results, send the best one to everyone!

Push Limits 

No one wants to annoy their users by sending to many messages. But how am I gonna know how many messages a unique user received? I might be narrowing my targets with Netmera detailed targeting, but that one person might be falling into each group and keep receiving every push notification that I send.  Netmera has a solution to this. You can limit the maximum amount of push notifications received by the user in your settings. You can set your limits daily, weekly, or monthly.

Transactional Push

We have been deep diving into push notification issues since we started Netmera. One thing we know very deeply is that the users are happy to receive related content and they are willing to allow push notification services if they are going to receive valuable information. It seems that knowing details about their membership or last orders is a valuable information to them. However, those things are happening in your systems and are integrated to expensive SMS services or emailing (which users frequently do not check). You will remember that we have given you the signals of this feature while introducing our REST API. Now it is more tidy and managable to send push notifications about events happening in your systems.

Bugs and Errors

In your overview page, from now on, you will be seeing the exceptions you receive from your users (of course if you have any). Netmera will be grouping and ranking them and will try to get your attention! It seems Netmera is going to be the single SDK in your app, right?

P.S. Please download our latest SDK to use these features!

August 29, 2013 / Netmera

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