Netmera in Step-In App: a Use Case

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Some of you might already be familiar with Step-In app. For those who are not, just follow us through this blog post and you will learn more about it!

Step-in is a drive-to-store mobile application which helps retailers boost their foot traffic. Step-in was born from the idea of turning shopping into a completely new experience. Users choose a store, win steps as they enter, then choose their gift by converting their steps. To win more steps, you just have to go to your favourite stores’ catalogue within the Step-in App.

To Step-In app, users engagement is undoubtedly vital! Step-in chose to partner with Netmera to boost their users engagement.

In a previous blog post, we described how Step-In uses Netmera to create user segments and target them via push notifications. We also mentioned how important is for Step-In app to send out geofenced campaigns in order to increase users engagement: since Step-In works with brick and mortar stores, they need to be able to send the relevant message when customers are around a precise location. Through Netmera platform, they were able to automate this functionality too.

But what’s the latest about Step-In strategy to successfully engage their users?

Recently, Step-In owners wanted to explore another scenario: they needed to send a push notification that could link to an in-app popup. They wanted to be able to send such a notification to 30.000 users and in the meanwhile send a different in-app pop-up to just 1 user (the winner of a game).

They asked Netmera team to support them in this challenge and they were able to reach the goal!

In order to send a special rich push to the winner of a game, Netmera solution for Step-In was to upload the winner’s userId to Netmera as a tag. Tag upload can be done from “RECIPIENTS” page (while creating a push campaign) by following the steps below:

  • Select the ‘send by tag’ option.
  • Click the ‘tag upload’ button.
  • Upload a csv file containing a single userId (the one of the winner).
  • Define a name for the tag, like ‘winner’.
  • Select “user id” as a field and click the ‘Create Tag’ button
  • Finally discard the push.

This procedure will enable then to send a special rich push to the winner via tag.

In order to send a push notification that could link to an in-app popup to 30.000 users, Netmera solution for Step-In was to use segmentation. In this case, the steps are as follow:

  • In segments page, click ‘Create a Segment’.
  • Select ‘add tag’ and then select the newly created tag (‘winner’).
  • Specify the campaign is not for that tag (by selecting the option ‘is not’ from the drop-down menu located on the left hand-side of ‘select tag’) .
  • Click  ‘Save this Segment’ (the segment will include all the users who are not tagged as ‘winner’)

By following the previous steps, there will be a ‘winner’ tag and a segment called ‘others’. Therefore, a special rich push can now be sent through the option ‘send by tag’ (‘winner’) and another push can be sent through the option ‘send by segment’ (‘others’).

As you can see, Netmera offers a big set of solutions to match the needs of their customers, and Netmera team always works hard to make the challenges that users encounter easier and more manageable. Personalization of push messaging is the future of mobile commerce: it’s the way to increase and improve users engagement. Step-In use case shows that very clearly and Netmera team will work more and more to facilitate this process.

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March 16, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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