Mobile users expectations: how to meet them

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“Mobile personalization is the future of mobile” is the most recent motto in mobile marketing. By now, you’ve probably heard a lot that in order to keep mobile users engaged in your app you need to analyse their behaviour and preferences and target them with personalised campaigns, even better if delivered in real time (for example while they shop in a store, in case of retail apps). By now, you’ve surely learnt that the days of broadcast mobile marketing campaigns are gone: these days, the more you get to know your users, the better is for the future of your app. But to what extent is this true? What is it that mobile users really want?

Mobile users expectations

I recently stumbled upon some data that I found very interesting and clarifying. In February 2016, Sitecore shared the results of a survey they conducted in conjunction with Vanson Bourne on 4,500 consumers in 11 countries about their attitudes toward mobile interactions, expectations, and experiences. One of the key results of the survey is that 33% of consumers in the sample declared they stop purchasing from a particular brand when their mobile expectations are not met. But the findings I would like to focus on today are the following two:

  • ’62 % of consumers are willing to share online activity and preferences to varying degrees in order to receive a more personalised customer experience when making an online purchase’
  • ‘Ordering on the move (27 %), and having mobile apps that can adapt and react to location (25 %) are also expected to become requirements for consumers over the next three years’

These data clearly show that consumers are becoming more and more willing to share their location and personal info, especially their preferences and in-app behaviours, in order to receive more relevant marketing messages.

One of the reasons the mobile revolution is taking place is that nowadays time appears to be very limited. We are always in a rush, overwhelmed by things to do and places to be. In this scenario mobile phones became our best ally, by giving us the chance to make some of our decisions and take some of our actions on the road. They can help us save time and be on track with our daily routine and to-do list, but this highly depends on the quality of our mobile experience. Therefore, we expect mobile apps to simplify our life, and the only way this can truly happen is if our mobile app experience is tailored to our real needs and expectations.

So how can app owners meet their users’ expectations? The highlighted results from the Sitecore study confirm they can achieve this goal by collecting data from their customers and by building marketing campaigns around those data, targeting specific segments of their audience with different messages. Ultimately, personalization is the acknowledgement and the esteem of each user personality and background.

Then spot the differences in your audience, and value them!

Find the full Sitecore study here.

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June 12, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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