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What is important while building a mobile strategy?

Building a good strategy is always a matter of answering the right questions. Here are the questions you have to ask yourself while planning your mobile strategy in 2016.

The biggest of all questions

No strategy is fixed and unchangeable: the best strategy is the one you constantly refine according to results and feedback, and based on new trends. But a great strategy always starts with a clear goal, and a clear goal has to have a deadline, even if you’ll end up being a little flexible about it ;). So, what is the main goal you aim to reach with your mobile strategy by the end of next month? Do you want to increase the download rate of your app, the active user base, the brand awareness, the amount of in-app purchases…? Answer this question, do it with numbers and do it before you go any further, then build your marketing efforts accordingly.

Wait a minute…what if I were the end user?

Being the app owner/publisher sometimes puts you in a very bad position: no matter how hard you try being objective, you know to much about your product, and you care too much for it! But in order for your app to be successful, you need to develop a ‘user mindset’. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while, someone  from your target audience. From that new perspective, ask yourself which value such an app would add to your life, if there is anything you would like to be different (easier) while browsing the app, what kind of notifications you would be happy to receive and which messages would bother you instead. If this is hard for you, make sure to take somebody on board to test your mobile app usability and help you draw some possible improvements.

How can I add some fun?

Images and video are more engaging than words, use them to promote your app through all social channels and via push notifications. Mobile engagement campaigns are more effective when you keep the message short (a direct call to action) but enriched with appealing and funny images or videos. The first goal of every push notification is to remind users about your app…and what’s better,  for this purpose, than creating a positive feeling triggered by engaging content? Your users will keep associating that content, and that feeling, to your mobile app. They will even start relying on it, waiting for it…

In conclusion, while building your 2016 mobile strategy, remember that engagement means creating a contact, building a relationship, getting to know your end users very well in order to provide them the best service possible through the product you built.

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May 26, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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