Mobile Marketing ebook: your complete 'how to' guide

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If you landed on this page is because you are passionate about mobile marketing and strongly believe it’s a delicate but at the same time powerful tool. It’s delicate because it requires a lot of knowledge in order to be efficiently used, and it’s powerful because when you start mastering the art of mobile marketing your mobile business will start to grow for real.

What does it take to master Mobile Marketing? What are the secrets of it and the best practices to become an effective mobile marketer?  Over the last year, we did a lot of research on the topic and published a mobile marketing ebook, soon followed by others ebooks meant to develop the initial knowledge. You can easily access all the e-books from this page (see below).

While delving into these ebooks, you’ll see there are two important rules you need to keep in mind in your mobile marketing journey. We can summarize them as follow:

First rule of a successful Mobile Marketing strategy: understand your users!

There is a great talk about mobile personalization as the future of mobile marketing. The more you target your users with personalized messages and relevant (for them) information, the more you will successfully engage them in your business. A deep understanding of your audience in terms of demographic data, in-app behaviours, location, type of device, purchase history (for mobile commerce apps) and so on, will be the key to wisely segment your users in subgroups to engage separately with meaningful messages.

Second rule of a successful Mobile Marketing strategy: be there for your users!

It’s not just a matter of what you use to engage your audience, it’s also a matter of when you engage them. Make sure you pay enough attention to your customers in-app behaviours to provide them with the information or product suggestions they need at the right time. Avoid the risk of bothering them at a time they are not available or to lose them because you delivered the message too late. Once again, analysis and segmentation are the key to retention.

Download your Mobile Marketing ebook:

Effects of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Decision Making Process


Nowadays marketers started to think more and more about the impact of mobile marketing on consumer decision making process. That’s mostly because there is a mobile revolution happening in consumers’ world. This e-book covers how mobile marketing impacts on different stages of the consumer decision making process (need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and post-purchase stages). Download your ebook!

Best Practices for Retail & Ecommerce to Win Consumers via Mobile Marketing


The mobile revolution is transforming the way consumers shop both in retail stores and online. It is becoming more and more important for marketers in retail and e-commerce sectors to win omni-channel shoppers. This ebook focuses on mobile marketing insights and best practices for retail and e-commerce sectors. Download your ebook!

How to Increase Mobile Engagement: 8 Use Cases for Mobile App Marketers


It’s not enough to just count app downloads anymore. If you truly want to know if your audience is using your app, you need to think about app engagement. In other words, you need to think about all the data you need to collect and use to build users segments and targets. Download this study to discover how top companies developed engagement campaigns for their audiences. In this e-book you will find several segmentation methods and mobile campaign samples regarding mobile app engagement. Download your ebook!


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