Mobile marketing automation: set a goal for your campaigns

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Mobile marketing automation: Automated Campaigns

Mobile marketing automation with Netmera

– Goal Based Automation Scenarios
– Limit Messages
– Delivery Time Optimization
– Inactivity Triggers
– Periodic Messages

Mobile marketing automation: Use cases

Mobile marketing automation: Automated Campaigns

Let’s cut to the chase: what do we exactly mean by mobile marketing automation? What are we talking about? The answer is: Automated Campaigns.

Automated Campaigns are a type of push notifications that mobile app marketers set to be triggered by specific user actions. Automated Campaigns require marketers to set a goal and build a scenario in which a particular event (a user’s action or inaction) automatically activates a message. Data shows that mobile marketing automation considerably increases conversion. Why? Because Automated Campaigns respond to specific user behaviours or inactivity, therefore they improve the message effectiveness through personalization and good timing. Mobile marketing automation drives engagement and for this reason it’s a powerful resource to increase revenue.

How can we build Automated Campaigns? In the next paragraph we will delve into Netmera platform to provide you an insight into this category of push notifications and mobile marketing automation.

Mobile marketing automation with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of marketing campaigns. Building Automated Campaigns through Netmera panel is a very straightforward process. Follow us in a visual journey!

First step: from the Messages menu, located on the left side of Netmera panel, we can easily select the option Automated:


This will lead us to the Automated Messages Dashboard, the right place for us to start creating a new Automated Message:automated2

The essence of this process is the Automation step:


In this section we will set a goal and build a scenario (an event and a corresponding period of time) for our campaign.

Goal Based Automation Scenarios

We can select the Goal of our Automated Campaign from a list of alternatives, such as Increase Retention and Engagement, Increase App Conversion and Revenue, and so on:


Once we chose the goal, we can select the Event we want to target in order to reach the goal:


When the selected Event will occur, it will automatically trigger our Automated Campaign. In this section, we also have the chance to specify how long after the event we want the message to be delivered:


and how long we want the campaign to be valid:


Limit Messages

Another important option is the one which enables us to decide if we want the message to be sent Every time the event occurs or just Once:


Moreover, the Automation section of Netmera panel allows us to decide if we want to set a Limit for the number of times our users are going to receive this specific Automated Campaign:


Delivery Time Optimization

It’s also possible to stop or delay the delivery of the message for certain periods during the day:


or even optimise the delivery time for each user:


Inactivity Triggers

It’s worth mentioning that effective Automated Campaigns can be created to catch users inactivity too, not just particular users actions. For example, a specific message can be triggered when users don’t take a specific action, such as opening the app, for a while. How can you create such scenario through Netmera panel? Have a look at the following screenshot:


As you can see, the Event selection (in this case the Open App event) offers you a choice between two alternatives: do you want your automated push notification to be delivered when the event occurs or doesn’t occur after a specified period of time?

Periodic Messages

Finally, you can set periodic messages that are automatically delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis:


The Goal in this case is to Periodically Remind users of important information regarding your application/business.

Like before, you have the chance to choose the delivery time for this messages, and to indicate if you want this process to be based on the user’s time zone


It’s now time to save our Automation settings and proceed with the message creation. To learn how to build Push Notifications Campaigns through Netmera platform, have a look at our detailed Push Notifications Guide.

Mobile marketing automation: Use cases

Automated campaigns can be used for in a lot of different ways, according to the goal we are setting for them. Examples of Automated Campaigns are the following:

Goal: to increase retention and engagement based on users activity

– Send your users a welcome message and a coupon 1 day after they install the app.
– Show your users the perfect matching shoes 3 minutes after they add a skirt to their basket.

Goal: to increase retention and engagement based on users inactivity

– Send your users a message when they don’t open the app for two weeks.
– Send your users a special offer when they don’t purchase anything for a month.
– Send them an interesting news or video when they have been idle for a month.

These are just a few examples of how you could use Automated Campaigns to increase users engagement and retention. We hope you enjoyed this journey into mobile marketing automation. If you want to learn more:

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September 26, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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