Mobile engagement: are you sure you got it right?

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There are thousands of lines about mobile engagement floating around in the digital world…but that doesn’t mean we are all going to become expert on the topic right?

We may have read hundreds of articles about ‘the n rules for an effective mobile engagement strategy’ or ‘the n things to keep in mind to build successful push notifications campaigns’ (you can easily find some of those posts in this blog ;)…still this doesn’t automatically make us mobile engagement masters when it comes to boost the interest of users in our own product.

The fact is that no matter how much theoretical knowledge you have on a topic, good results are always the outcome of a certain amount of practise…and mistakes. Feedback is always the most powerful source of improvement, the most immediate way to realize that what you learnt in theory, might just not be true for your specific case, or not enough. In other words, you have to test and re-test your mobile engagement strategy in order to make sure it really works. You have to be prepared to adjust the aim several times during the process: the more you get to know your users, the better results you’ll have.

The only thing which seems to be sure is that mobile engagement techniques really do make a difference for the growth of your mobile business. Without such techniques, your users are likely going to forget about your app. Do you need a proof? Have a look at this post we recently published!

So mobile engagement strategies do are useful. Then where to start?

Try/collect and observe/analyse/ segment and target: the essential steps in the mobile engagement process

  1. Try: you probably did the homework and came up with a smart plan to engage your app users. You studied your target audience and thought a lot about the best strategy to attract people to your app. Well done! But now it’s time to try: build a push notification campaign, choose a message, decide a time….and get ready to be surprised…more likely disappointed. Especially at the beginning, the reaction of your users might be completely different from the one you were counting on. No worries, this is good! It gives you food for thought and the chance to have something to build on, a real starting point.
  2. Collect and observe: make sure you collect as much data as you can from your users’ behaviour, and have a close look at those data. How did your users react to your push campaign? Was there an increase in the ‘app opens’ rate after your notification? What about the number of daily active users in the days after the campaign? Also, did your push message have any effect on the average time spent by your users within the app?
  3. Analyse: equip yourself with statistical tools to make sure you deeply analyse the data you collected and you draw the answers to the above questions in an objective way.
  4. Segment and target: ok, now you have your answers. Then what? You segment your audience according to the different users behaviours emerged and get ready to start over the cycle.


Commit yourself to constantly refine and repeat, and you’ll see your mobile engagement strategy improve day by day.

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May 13, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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