Mobile Commerce: What's the Driver for App Revenue Growth?

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Welcome to the third chapter of our infographic series about Mobile Commerce!

This series (click here for the previous blog post of this series) is meant to guide you step by step through our most recent findings about mobile commerce apps’ performance and potential future trends.  We built an infographic based on data collected from 50 million app users and from over 50 brands using Netmera’s services in 2015 and the first 2 months of 2016 (the apps in our sample are retail and ecommerce apps present in Netmera portfolio). To share our findings as effectively and clearly as possible, we decided to dedicate a few detailed lines to each of the 5 sections of our infographic. This blog post shows what is the key driver for mobile commerce apps’ revenue growth according to our data.

Here are the data:


This section of Netmera infographic clearly shows that mobile commerce apps’ conversion rates are higher when using Push Notifications than without it.

Our data reveal how the use of mobile engagement solutions, like push notifications, in-app pop-ups and automated campaigns, had a significant impact on mobile commerce conversion rates for the apps of our sample. Specifically, Push Notifications promoted a 180% increase in orders finalized on mobile devices.

Therefore, user engagement seems to be the key driver to increase mobile commerce revenues in the next future! It’s time for Push Notifications, but make sure to get to know your users first, in order to target them with the messages they really need!

Learn more about our study with the following chapter of this infographic series.

April 11, 2016 / Netmera

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