Mobile Commerce: More Room to Grow in Mobile App Revenues

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Here starts our journey into mobile commerce data. Would you like to join us?

We recently analyzed data from 50 million app users and from over 50 brands using Netmera’s services in 2015 and the first 2 months of 2016 in order to have some insights into mobile commerce apps performance and possible future trends. To share our findings as effectively and clearly as possible, we decided to build an infographic to summarize the data we collected and analyzed from retail and ecommerce apps in Netmera portfolio. Since our findings highlight 5 main aspects of mobile commerce apps conversion rates performance over the last year, we decided to dedicate a few detailed lines to each of the 5 sections of our infographic. This is the first blog post of our infographic series. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

When it comes to Mobile Commerce, it’s important to let the data speak! Then let’s have a look at the data…


This infographic section highlights 3 relevant Mobile Commerce Apps’ Conversion Rates during 2015 and the first two months of 2016. Specifically, it shows:

  1. How many of the app sessions analyzed in our study converted into an ‘add to cart’ action (5,54%)
  2. How many of the shopping carts analyzed in our study converted into an order (29,34%)
  3. How many of the app sessions analyzed in our study converted into an order (1,13%)

These data give us a first insight into Mobile Commerce Apps recent performance. But what about the future trends? Our findings revealed there is a huge opportunity for mobile commerce businesses to increase mobile apps conversion rates by using mobile app engagement solutions. Want to learn more? Keep following us in the next steps of this infographic journey!


April 5, 2016 / Netmera

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