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Fantastic returns through bookings via mobile apps!

A Google research recently highlighted that 40% of online searches for travels come from smartphones. No need to mention how crucial the mobile app channel has become for most of the businesses. Today we are going to talk about mobile bookings. Specifically speaking, 60% of UK population is on smartphones. Therefore, businesses have started following a more interactive and engaging approach in delivering services to their customers. According to a recent customer survey, in service industry the more personal & special attention the customer gets, the greater their satisfaction (please see)

– Most of the surveyed travelers and travel managers consider on-the-go mobile bookings important (54% and 65% respectively).

– Both populations predict that the number of mobile booking transactions will grow more than twice the actual number between 2014 and 2016 in all three main travel categories (air, hotel and car rental).

– Fast growth is also confirmed by CWT forecasts, with mobile representing around 25% of all online bookings in 2017, compared to the 7% registered in 2014.

Which specific features a mobile app & a user engagement platform should provide to make the user experience smoother & personal?

NETMERA provides to companies the capability to engage each guest with personalised and relevant offers based on their booking history, location, interests (and any behaviour performed by the users within the app really). Therefore, they generate more direct bookings and higher occupancy rates. They can cross sell their services more effectively. Say you’ve a restaurant app: you can address your customers with their names on their most personal devices, sending them your Valentine’s Day offer (too close isn’t it?). You can save time, effort and money! All in one (or maybe two). To sum up, a user engagement platform provides:

-A detailed userbase, which helps you to know your audience better

-A fancy user interface

-Personalised, targeted offers for each guest, in order to optimise profits

-Real-time reporting and insight for each of your campaigns

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Big hugs from Shoreditch!

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February 10, 2015 / Netmera

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