Location based marketing: reach users based on their location

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What is location based marketing

Location based marketing is a set of mobile marketing strategies, like geofencing and beacon management, that target users location in order to promote a service or a product in a more relevant and personalised way. The basic assumption of location based marketing is that the more you provide your app users with tailored information based on their location, the quicker your user base will grow alongside engagement and retention. Data show this assumption is correct, since the use of location based marketing campaigns leads to higher conversion rates. This blog post will guide you through different types of location based marketing strategies and their implementation through Netmera platform.

Location based marketing with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns to increase the engagement and retention of your mobile app users. Through Netmera, you can easily build mobile marketing campaigns that target specific locations. How? Just follow us through the following paragraphs.

Location Targeting: send messages to a specific location

Building marketing campaigns through Netmera panel requires a few simple steps that lead you from the setup of basic features, like the name and type of your campaign, to the setting of more advanced ones, like the timing and the recipients of your message.


The ‘Who’ section is the place for you to decide which users you are going to address with the specific campaign you are building. You can choose to send your message to all users, select users according to key parameters or target a distribution list. 


By choosing the option Select Users, you will have access to several targeting criteria. Location is one of them!


Let’s click on the corresponding check box and select our targeted location!


As you can see from the above screenshot, this sub-section of the panel allowed me to select a location just by clicking on the map. Moreover, from here it’s possible to adjust the coordinates by switching from meters to kilometers or miles and even search for a specific location thanks to the new searching tool:


Once we’ve set our targeted location, we can continue with the following steps of our campaign creation. Learn more about all Netmera steps to build effective mobile marketing campaigns with our Push Notifications Guide.

Geo-Fencing: trigger messages as users enter or exit specific locations

If you want to target users as soon as they enter or exit a certain geographical area, you can easily achieve this goal through Netmera. How? By selecting the option Geofence from the Messages section and then by clicking on the button Create New Geofence message:


After selecting this option, the panel will allow you to choose the Geofence you want to target with your message. As shown in the following lines, Netmera enables you to even set multiple geofences for the same campaign. From this section of the panel, you can either select the Geofence from a list of geofences you previously created


or create a new Geofence from scratch





With Netmera, creating a new geofence is very easy, thanks to a couple of advanced features:

– Map Based Location Selection: this option allows you to search for a location and select it on a map;
– Multi Geofence Targeting: this option enables you to group multiple locations and target them at once

As you can see from the above screenshots, I set a geofence around a specific area in London, the Old Spitafileds Market. I used the search tool to find the area, then I clicked on the map and changed the distance coordinates according to my needs. I even added this geofence to a group. This will be useful in case I wanted to select multiple geofences at the same time, instead of a single one:


We now have to decide when we want the message to be delivered to our users: when they enter a specific geofence or when they leave it? Moreover, do we want our message to be delivered once or every time users are entering/leaving the geofence?


Finally, when is our campaign starting and how long is it going to last? Before leaving this page of the panel, we can easily choose the Campaign Period


and even set a time restriction for our message, in order to prevent users from receiving it during night


Let’s save and continue! Now we are ready to start writing our message. Have a look at our Push Notifications Guide to discover how to effectively build your Push Notifications messages with Netmera.

Micro-Location Targeting via Beacon devices

Among the location based marketing strategies, Netmera also supports proximity marketing via beacons devices. Beacons are small devices that send Bluetooth Low Energy signals (BLE)  to smartphones and tablets nearby. Once emitted, these one way radio waves reach the phones in the vicinity of the Beacon device and interact with the mobile applications installed on those phones. Beacons are proving crucial to help retailers drive foot traffic to their stores, increase conversion rates and sales volume. Learn all details about Beacon devices and proximity marketing through Netmera with our Beacons Guide.

Location based marketing: Use Cases

Wriggle app

The Wriggle app presents its users with a daily selection of offers at handpicked independent restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs in London, Bristol, Brighton and soon in more UK cities.

Wriggle uses Netmera to send location based marketing campaigns to inform users about offers in the nearest restaurants, cafes, or at customers’ favourite businesses. Wriggle creates geofences for each area they cover and sends notifications based on the needs of the users in that particular area. Learn more about Wriggle here.

Step-In app

Step-In is a drive-to-store mobile application which helps retailers boost their foot traffic. Users choose a store, win steps as they enter, then choose their gift by converting their steps. Since Step-In works with brick and mortar stores, they need to be able to send the relevant message when customers are around a precise location. To reach this goal they build location based marketing campaigns through Netmera panel. Learn more about Step-In app here.

Yemek Sepeti app

Yemek Sepeti is the biggest online food ordering & delivery site in Turkey. Their mobile app makes it easy for users to order food from nearby restaurants. Users can also discover local restaurants, check menus, read reviews and be notified about promotions, discount coupons and campaigns. Yemek Sepeti app uses Netmera to create location based marketing messages to inform users about relevant promotions offered by restaurants nearby. Learn more about Yemek Sepeti app here.

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