4 July, 2013

There were some features that were always in our list. We knew that you would love them. Finally we dedicated all our time to release those features at once! They will increase both push sender’s and receiver’s experience with Netmera push notification services.

Let me introduce those features to you:

1) Time zone scheduling: You are working in Europe and some of your users are living in San Francisco. If you schedule your push to tomorrow morning, they will receive it while they are at sleep. If you schedule according to their time zone, then it will be too late for European users. But now, with Netmera push scheduling, you will make sure that they receive it according to their own time zone. You won’t bother complex calculations anymore!

2) Custom sound alert: You have a catchy jingle that reminds your customers your brand. Or you want your users to differentiate economy news push from sports push just by sound. Why not use different sounds as a push alert? Now, it is super easy to embed custom sounds in your app and play them as push alert with Netmera.

3)Auto Badge Increment: You know that Netmera already provided you push inbox feature with our SDK. Now this inbox comes with readily built in badge increment feature with iOS SDK. You just need to turn it on-off in the web panel.


4) Push Templates: We share the same needs when it comes to push notification design. We thought we could help you with this as well! From now on, your push design is ready in the web panel as a template (9 different templates!) and you just need to select the most relevant one and make some changes (like changing the images, putting in texts or giving the links). But if you want to prepare your own version, you can still build one of course.  Needless to say, a life saver for all marketing people!

Not a feature but we have one new thing! Our demo panel is online! You can use it for demo or training purphoses. Here is the link: Click here


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