Interactive Push Messages: ask your users to take an action!

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What are Interactive Push Notifications

Sometimes the best way to engage your app users is by asking them a direct feedback. Interactive Push Notifications are the easiest way to achieve this goal. These notifications ask users to provide an answer to a specif question and enable you to tag your users according to their responses. Therefore, Interactive Notifications are a great option for you to better understand your users preferences and retarget them with following push campaigns.

Interactive Push Notifications with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns to increase the engagement and retention of your mobile app users. In this blog post, we will analyse Interactive Push Notifications in detail and will show you how to create such messages through Netmera panel.

The first step you have to take in order to build an Interactive Push Campaign is to Create a new Button Set for your notification. In Netmera panel, you can easily do that by selecting the Buttons Sets option from the Settings menu:


and then by clicking on Create a New Button Set in the top right corner of the panel:interactive2

This will allow you to land on the following section, where you can start setting up the button options for your interactive message:


As you can see, I decided to create a button set which asks users to chose between two possible answers: Like or Dislike. So I named my button set accordingly and I started to assign a text to the first button of my set, the Like button. By pressing on the ‘Add Button’ box, I will then be directed to the following section:



As shown, this page enables me to specify in great detail the layout and behaviour I want my Buttons to display. For example, I can assign a Like icon to the button by selecting the appropriate one from a list (only for Android devices), I can decide if the click of the button is going to open the application in background or in foreground and I can even add the option for users to write a text input when they click on the button. Once my Like button is ready, I can create the second button of my set, the Dislike button:


As I previously did for my Like button, by clicking on the ‘Add Button’ box I will have the chance to set up the layout and behaviour of my Dislike button. As an example, I will start by assigning it a different name and icon.


Our Button Set is now ready to be included in our Interactive Push Message.

Now that we have a Button Set, we can start creating our campaign. From the section Messages, sub-section Campaigns, of the main menu


we can select the option Create New Campaign


First things first! Our starting point to create a new campaign through Netmera panel is the setup of its basic features: the campaign name, its type (in this case we will select the Interactive type) and the devices we are going to target with our message (iOS, Android and/or Windows devices)


The second step is the content creation: it’s time to write down our Interactive Push Notification:



As you can see from the above pictures, I created my notification message, enriched it with a nice emoji and personalised it with the name of my users. Learn more about Netmera Visual Message Editor, especially Emojis and Personalization features, with our Push Notifications Guide.

Once our message is ready, it’s crucial to select the appropriate Button Set for our Interactive Push and choose the action which is going to be triggered by the click of each button.


After the content creation, Netmera platform allows you to define the recipients and delivery time of your Push Notification. For all the details about Netmera advanced targeting and scheduling capabilities, have a look at our Push Notifications Guide

Interactive Push Notifications: Use Cases

Interactive messages are very powerful to grab users’ attention. Since they pose a question and provide a quick choice between two possible answers, the result is that users give their feedback and re-engage with the mobile application in a very easy way.

But what are the main use case scenarios for Interactive Push Campaigns?

1) Share button. This use of Interactive Messages is especially common among media apps, when the purpose is to make it easier for users to share the app content. How does it work? The click of the push opens an article/video and the push button makes it easy to share the resource into social channels.

2) Remind Me button. Used by e-commerce apps, this Interactive Push includes a promotion message and a remind me button. How does it work? When the customer clicks on the button he allows for the same message to be scheduled at a better time for the user.

3) Call to Action button, for example Order buttons for restaurant apps, is a very common use case of Interactive Push Notifications. These messages include a promotional text and a button with a call to action to encourage users to place an order.

Here ends our journey into Interactive Push Notifications with Netmera. Stay tuned to discover Netmera panel step by step.

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