In App Popups: engage your users from inside the app

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If you launched a mobile application, you know that boosting the engagement and retention of your app users is a mission that requires a lot of insight…and commitment. At the beginning you might experience some disappointment and frustration, but if you’ll focus on your customers behaviours and needs you will end up enjoying great results! We can’t stress that enough: mobile app engagement is a matter of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time! But how can you deliver the message even to users who disabled push notifications? The answer is simple: by using in app popups!

What are In App Popups?

In app popups are informative messages triggered by specific actions that users take within the app, like clicking on a product or opening the app. In App Popups help users access targeted content that is responsive to their needs and behaviours, even if they have disabled push notifications. The image below shows an example of in app popups both on Android and iOS platforms.


In App Popups with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create many different mobile marketing campaigns, such as push notifications, automated campaigns, interactive campaigns and, of course, in app popups. This paragraph will show you the steps to create a popup message through Netmera panel.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the first step of our journey is the Setup of our mobile marketing campaign. At this initial stage, we need to define a Campaign Name, the Platforms (Android and/or iOS) we are going to target with our message and the Campaign Type, choosing among different categories of notifications (push, interactive, webpush, sms..). For the purpose of this blog post I selected the option Popup as my campaign type.


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The second step within the panel allows us to decide the content of our Popup message, choosing between 2 options:

1) Show Web Page (we need to provide the URL of the page we want to show in our popup…it’s just easy as that!)


or 2) Show Landing PageThis option enables you to create a landing page for your popup by selecting a template from a list. 


Each template gives you the chance to easily add an image, a descriptive text and even a button set to your landing page. You will also get to choose what’s going to happen when users will click on the button: they will be either directed to a web page or to a deeplink, that is a specific page within the app.

Once you defined the content of your popup message, you have to select your target users. Among the parameters you can use in order to choose the recipients of your message, Netmera enables you to decide if you want to send your popup message to all your app users or select one of the following sub-groups:  users who enabled push notifications or users who disabled push notifications. This feature is an example of how deeply you can segment and target your users through Netmera mobile marketing campaigns.


There are many more ways to group and target the recipients of your popup messages via Netmera. Have a look at our Push Notifications Guide to gain a better insight into Netmera targeting capabilities.

The following screenshots show you how to manage the delivery time of popup messages through Netmera panel.




As shown, this page within the panel allows you to decide when your popup message is going to be send, what is going to be its time validity and how fast you want it to be delivered. For all the details about Netmera extensive message scheduling capabilities, have a look at the section “Best Time for Message Delivery”.

When the time has been set up, your popup message is ready to go!

In App Popups: use cases

We already mentioned that In App Popups are particularly useful to reach users who opted out of push notifications, but what are the information usually delivered through popup messages?

Popups are especially used in the following cases:

  1. To notify users about an app update. In this case the popup is shown when the app is opened and the message directs users to the app store for updating the app.
  2. To notify users of important news or issues. For example, a Netmera client once sent a popup to his app users to explain them what to do when a specific version of the app crashed.
  3. Onboarding. Adding a series of tutorial style image or video popups for first time users of the app is a very powerful use of in app popups.
  4. Popups can be triggered by specific user actions within the app. An example of this type of popup is a message informing users of a product discount a few minutes after they checked a certain product.
  5. Popups can be also used to periodically remind users to opt in for push notifications, if they previously opted out.

Here ends our journey into Netmera in app popups. Over the next weeks we will cover more advanced features. Stay tuned!

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August 1, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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