How to Increase Mobile Engagement: 8 Use Cases for Mobile App Marketers

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The Mobile Revolution, the massive increase in mobile usage over the last few years, is not a new topic for marketers anymore! This blog post analyses a few marketing strategies that Mobile App Marketers should use in order to increase mobile apps’ users engagement and retention and to be there for customers at their mobile moments.

According to the latest KPCB Internet Trends Report, Marketers are facing 5.2 billion mobile phone users globally.


Global Mobile Phone Users

As 40% of these 5.2 billion users own a smartphone, mobile applications become an important tool for marketers in their marketing mix. When mobile applications become the target, marketers face two main challenges:

– Download – Designing marketing tactics in order to increase their app downloads number among their target audience
– Engagement – Engaging with their audience through their app in order to achieve their goals (revenue, brand awareness etc….)

For marketers who are managing aggressive KPIs, such as Customer Life Time Value, counting app downloads is not enough anymore. Marketing professionals have started to think and invest in more ways to increase Customer Lifetime Value. Engagement through mobile applications became a crucial way to increase Customer Lifetime Value. For example, by automating their campaigns marketers have started to catch their customers when they are active in their mobile applications. Moreover, marketers started to deal with inactive customers in order to maximize this channel.

With the increase in the importance of mobile app engagement, ‘active users’ has also become a critical KPI. In order to increase the number of active users and engagement levels, savvy marketers have already started to use detailed segmentation and targeting. This delivers relevant content at the right time and at the right place.

Furthermore, marketers started to collect data regarding consumers’ behaviour inside the app and use this data to build segments and targets. Some of the marketers use demographic information that is collected during signup, some of them analyse customers according to search words (which categories the customers looked for, from which categories they made purchases etc.) Moreover, some of the marketers started to combine web and mobile info in order to gain deeper insights into their consumers’ behaviors.

What about you? Did you start to think about the ways to engage with your customers through your app?

Here at Netmera our Team prepared an e-book to show you how top companies developed engagement campaigns for their audiences.

In this e-book you will find several segmentation methods and mobile campaign samples regarding mobile app engagement such as:

– Marketing campaigns
– Automated campaigns
– Scheduled campaigns
– Real time campaigns
– Location based campaigns
– Cross sell campaigns
– Daily bulletins
– Using CRM data & segmentation

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How to Increase Mobile Engagement- 8 Use Cases for Mobile App Marketers

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October 9, 2015 / Netmera

How to Increase Mobile Engagement: 8 Use Cases for Mobile App Marketers

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