Extend your Customer Service into your Retail APP – No Brainer, Right?

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As you would expect, at Netmera we often talk about the value of the APP channel for retailers. Although as a sales channel it is not the largest one, it’s the channel that is growing faster than the others. It’s going to get a lot of focus in 2015!

For a number of years now we have been hit by a huge amount of statistical evidence showing us how long website response times, poor user experience, bad navigation can negatively effect a brand and a consumer’s propensity to buy from that brand (http://blogs.salesforce.com/company/2013/08/customer-service-stats.html). There are many companies established to support you in this area. They can offer you tools to reengage with abandoned carts, they can offer you live chat services to improve your customer experience, and they can do this over multiple channels, but not typically the APP channel.

The discussion with our customers is showing that retailers are still heavily focused on Web/mobile optimised web channel (rightly so as this is where the majority of the revenue is generated) whereas pure play e-retailers are also focusing on the APP channel and they are registering a distinct increase in conversion rates as a result.

Extending the Customer service tools into your APP to give an extra 10% uplift in conversion and keep customers coming back to your brand is simple for us at Netmera.

Through Netmera’s targeting, profiling and segmenting capability, our customers already run successful automated abandoned cart campaigns. We have now added another customer service tool which enables you to interact with your customers via chat and call centre channels, directly from within your APP or your push notifications.  You are now truly omni channel with your customer service tools ensuring a consistent user experience at all customer touch points.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact: info@netmera.com

I hope you have a great Christmas break and look forward to catching up in 2015.


 A big HI from Shoreditch, London!

December 22, 2014 / Netmera

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