Effects of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Decision Making Process

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The mobile revolution gave the chance to marketers to be there for consumers at relevant moments with different strategies. But in order to be effective, Mobile Marketing tactics should be built around consumers’ behaviours from the very beginning of the purchase journey.  Therefore, mobile marketers should understand how the Consumer Decision Making Process works in order to guide customers through their purchases in a more meaningful way.

The Consumer Decision-Making Process consists of five steps which are: need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. Consumers do not always move in order through the process; this can depend on the type of product, financial status, digital devices they have, etc… The consumer decision making process is important for marketers because they have to understand these steps in order to design their marketing mix properly.


Consumer Decision Making Process

The consumer decision-making process ranges from simple to complex, and is influenced by various factors. It begins with the recognition of a need. It might be as simple as realizing there are no more vegetables left in the fridge!

It is followed by the information search, where a consumer starts to search for information from internal and external resources. Once the consumer finds information and alternatives, he/she starts to evaluate them in the alternative evaluation step. After evaluating the alternatives, a consumer makes a decisions regarding which product/service to purchase. Finally, in the post-purchase stage the consumer has an experience using the product/service that has been purchased.

All the questions like: What influences a consumer in a purchase situation? Why did consumer X purchase this TV? Was it for the price or the quality? Did consumer X ask his/her friends or family for help in his/her decision process? are subject to the Consumer Decision Making process.

Do not forget that consumers are constantly evolving in their buying behaviour based on their life situations, so their behaviours through their decision making process are constantly changing.

Industry reports and consumer surveys show the importance of mobile devices and services for the consumer decision making process. That’s why Netmera team has prepared for you an e-book on this subject. Download Netmera Ebook: Effects of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Decision Making Process


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October 20, 2015 / Netmera

Effects of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Decision Making Process

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