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Mobile app engagement is a day-to-day challenge, app owners know that! Keeping your mobile users engaged in your product is the result of multiple endeavours, in many different fields. While it’s evident that the main drive to mobile engagement is the value the app can add to its users’ everyday life, with value being a combination of the usefulness and the pleasantness of the app browsing experience, the power of a great content marketing strategy is often underestimated. But when it comes to mobile apps, what is a great content marketing strategy and how can it help boost your mobile users engagement?

Content marketing for your app: what content?

An effective content marketing strategy relies on quality and variety of the content you create. Good quality is the result of providing informative content in a very accessible and easy way, even better if mixed with some fun. Variety means providing the same content in many different ways, using text, images, videos, audio files… So write about your app, talk about your app, show your app, but do it with simple words, engaging images, cool videos and never forget to share practical examples and funny anecdotes. In the meanwhile, though, keep in mind that your content marketing strategy cannot be based just on what your app does and why it’s awesome, you have to be open minded and share the best content you can find around about all the topics related to your app and that you know your target audience might enjoy. Through the content you share, you build a relationship with your users: the better the content, the better the relationship, the better the chances they are going to remember about you and your product.

Content marketing for your app: where to share the content?

So you built great content..well done! What now? You have to share it as much as possible and with all the social platforms out there this won’t be an issue at all. But wait…keep in mind not all the social platforms are the same, and a content that might go viral on a specific channel might be a complete failure on another. The key is to deeply analyze the medium you are going to use: which kind of messages are usually shared through it, who are the people using it and most of all…what messages do these people particularly like? Once you’ve done your research, you can easily find in your inventory the right content for the right platform, and make sure your message gets out there for real. Social channels are great and, if wisely used, they can ensure your content the right exposure, but when it comes to app engagement don’t forget that sharing content through Push Notifications might be the key to your app success. Whatever you decided to say to your users, provided it’s something that will add value and/or fun to their everyday lives, use a targeted push notification to say it and you won’t be disappointed.

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June 3, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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