Campaigns Analytics: Use your data to improve your message

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Campaigns analytics and reporting
Campaigns analytics and reporting with Netmera
-Message Reporting
-App Dashboard: a 360 degree view of the app performance in one place

Campaigns analytics and reporting

These days, “personalization” is mobile marketers watchword. They know the best way to increase mobile users engagement and retention is by targeting users location, demographics, preferences and so on in order to build personalised marketing campaigns.

How did they learn that? The answer is simple: by analysing the performance of their campaigns.

Collecting as much information as you can about the way your users interact with your marketing messages, and analysing all this information in detail, is the key to improve your communication strategies and keep your mobile users engaged. Detailed campaigns analytics and reporting allow mobile marketers to gain a deep insight into key performance parameters and understand how to make the best of their campaigns. This blog post is a visual journey into Netmera analytics and reporting capabilities to provide you with a better understanding of the topic.

Campaigns analytics and reporting with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of marketing campaigns. Moreover, the platform allows mobile marketers to have an easy access to advanced campaigns analytics and reporting features. Let’s have a closer look!

Message Reporting

From the Reports section of Netmera panel, you can easily access the Campaigns sub-section (image below), which is the one we will analyse in detail in the following lines.


This will lead you to the Reports Dashboard, where you will have the chance to search for the campaign you would like to analyse and to have an overview of its performance:


By clicking on the Find button, you will see the full list of campaigns that have been finalised in the specified period. This list will appear in the form of a table, with the first three columns showing the date, the name and the text of each campaign:


and the rest of the table providing you with key data about the performance of each campaign, such as the target audience, the number of users who received the message, the number of direct app opens associated with the message. The specific device platform (iOS, Android or Windows) the data refers to will be shown too.


The following screenshot displays the other Campaigns Analytics this section provides: after running a marketing campaign, it’s crucial to see what’s been its Conversion Rate (how many people executed the specific Call to Action included in the campaign), the Revenue registered at different time intervals from the campaign delivery time and the Average Revenue obtained as a result of a specific marketing campaign. These three Campaigns Analytics allow a very deep insight into your campaign performance.


Moreover, on the same page of Netmera panel it will be possible to request a daily, weekly or monthly summary of the campaigns performance.


The summary will show the number of campaigns finalised during a specific period and the performance of each campaign. At any step of the process, Netmera allows you to export your data to Excel.

By clicking on the name of a specific campaign in the list, Netmera panel will lead you to a visual overview of the Campaigns Analytics:


As you can see, the above chart provides a real time graphic overview of the Push Clicks, App Sessions (Direct App Opens) and Revenue registered at different times after the campaign trigger. All the most relevant information about the message performance is shown in a very simple and effective way, allowing mobile marketers to easily use that information to better understand their mobile app users needs and plan improved future campaigns.

Netmera Analytics and Reporting capabilities help you make the best of your marketing campaigns, but they also make it easy for you to have an overview of your App Performance. Follow us in the next paragraph to understand how this feature works.

App Dashboard: a 360 degree view of the app performance in one place

The App Dashboard is easily accessible from the panel menu:


This page provides you with a summary of your app performance: number of Total Users, number of Push Opt-In (users who enabled Push Notifications for your app) and Active Users (picture below). Data for each device platform (iOS, Android or Windows) is shown separately.


The App Dashboard is a visual journey through the most relevant data regarding the performance of your app:

  • Active Users & Notifications: this chart shows the number of unique users opening the application over last week and compares it with the sent push notifications


  • Revenue and Notifications: this chart shows the total revenue generated from the application during the last week and compares it with the push notifications which have been sent out


  • Installs and Uninstalls: this chart shows the number of app installs and uninstalls over the last week.


  • App Conversion Rate (%): this chart shows the percentage of the Conversion event. You can choose a conversion event from the Events section of the panel. The default conversion event is “App Open”. For e-commerce applications, it is usually the “Purchase” event.


  • ARPU: this chart shows the Average monthly Revenue Per User.


  • Average Session Length Mins:  this chart shows the average session length in minutes, that is how much time users are spending on average in your app, between foreground/background transitions.


All these App and Campaigns Analytics help mobile marketers to plan more effective mobile marketing campaigns and therefore increase the engagement and retention of their mobile app users. The big advantage of using Netmera is that marketers can both build and analyse campaigns by using the same platform: all the data are collected and available in one place, ready to be used to the benefit of future campaigns.

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