Behavioural Segmentation: how to target user behaviour

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Behavioural Segmentation: target users based on what they have or have not done

The actions your users perform while interacting with your application are the most precious source of information for you to build a successful mobile business. Behavioural segmentation is the process of segmenting your app users based on their behaviours, that is according to the actions they take or don’t take within your app, for example when they Purchase a Product, Click on a Push Notification or don’t Open the App in a few days. This process allows you to improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns by targeting different user segments with different, more personalised, promotional messages.

Behavioural Segmentation with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of marketing campaigns. In order to support app marketers building effective messages and therefore increase the app users engagement and retention, Netmera makes it really easy to implement user behavioural segmentation. Let’s have a look at how this works in detail!

Our journey starts from the Targeting menu of the Netmera panel. Once the menu has been opened, we can select the Segments sub-section:


This step will allow us to select the option Create New Segment and easily initiate the segmentation process:


In order to create a new segment, there are two things we will have to specify. The first one is the Name of the segment:


the second one is the key parameter we want to focus on to add users to our segment:


The picture above shows that we can choose which users we want to include in our new segment according to a specific BehaviourProfile, Tag, Response to a previous Push Notifications or even by Push Permission. Since we are focusing on Behavioural Segmentation, we will select the option ‘By Behaviour’:


This option will enable us to select the specific behaviour we want to target (something the user did or didn’t) and to specify the frequency of interest for that behaviour. Precisely, Netmera panel allows us to include in our segment all the users who Did (or Didn’t) take a specific action (Select Event), More than/Less than or Equals a certain number of times, during a certain period of time. Examples of user behaviours you can select are: Open App, Product Selection, Push Click..
We can even select more than one behaviour to create our segment. This will require us to decide if we want all the targeted behaviours to be displayed from a user in order for him to be included in the segment (And option, provided by default), or at least one of them instead (And/Or option, available after the first behaviour has been added):
Our segment is now ready to be saved and used in our future marketing campaigns. We will have the chance to select it and apply a behavioural segmentation to our next messages from the Who section of the panel, while choosing the recipients of our campaign:

Retargeting: select users based on their response to previous campaigns

From the same section of Netmera panel, it will be possible to manage another advanced capability, very important in terms of personalization too. We are talking about retargeting users according to their response to previous campaigns. This feature allows us to make the best of the data we collected during our past push notifications. By focusing on user previous responses, we can deeply tailor our next campaigns and let users know we really listen to their feedback and value it. Learn more about retargeting here.

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September 16, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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