Are we there yet? The journey to true mobile user engagement

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Due to the dramatic increase in the smartphone usage in the world, developing a successful mobile strategy has become even more significant. However, what really does matter in mobile is still being debated, although the answers are right there. Statistics show that 66% of the population in UK owns a smartphone which they check around 150 times a day.

Considering those numbers, it is not surprising to see many retailers investing in mobile apps and new technologies in general, perhaps without really knowing how and where they are going to use them. Technology sounds sexy but retailers should ask themselves one crucial question: what do customers want? How a piece of technology will make life easier or happier for them?

According to McKinsey research, it is all about “providing a fast, easy, enjoyable shopping experience”. What customers need is a clean, easy to use mobile application which does not allow users to forget to use it. How this is possible will be discussed later.

– 68% of UK smartphone and tablet users say mobile has meaningfully changed the way they shop
– 2/3 of mobile shoppers are 4 times more likely to buy lower-priced items on mobile
– 43% of mobile shoppers track delivery on mobile and delivery is 2 times more valued than recommendations.

Technology can undeniably facilitate product differentiation and customer engagement, especially in the mobile area. Mobile devices are now the most personal devices to reach users. Yet, there two points that I will clarify in this post:

#1 Not every app will attract new customers and stay popular. A mobile app does not always generate traffic. Half of the people who downloaded an app will stop using it entirely, if they’re not making regular purchases. Therefore, in order for retailers to achieve higher conversion rates, mobile applications should come with some additional interactive features. Engagement tools, such as Netmera, allow brands to be more engaging by following a few simple steps: find the right person, create your message, send,  measure, analyse, then retarget accordingly! It’s that simple. This is how our customers double their conversion rates.

#2 Price is important but in-store experience is more important. According to the findings of the latest McKinsey report, although some people go to stores, they actually do their shopping on the apps where they are provided with better offers. However, most of the people will keep going to the stores and buy from there as the physical experience cannot easily be replaced by anything else. Here comes the question: what does provide to retailers the ability to engage with their users  both through a mobile app and from the inside of a physical store? The answer is: user engagement platforms, which can also be integrated with ibeacons (devices that provide micro-location based engagement).

To sum up, a considerable amount of people now is a smartphone owner. Also, there are millions of apps and not all of them are used. Actually, most of them are either deleted or not being used. Therefore, retailers need to make their apps used more and more, even by people who are not regular shoppers. Mobile User Engagement platforms such as Netmera are the answer, while spending huge amounts of money on technology without knowing how to use it is not very effective. Netmera is very easy to use and effective. Give it a go! Contact us for a trial!

Hope you enjoyed our post! Have a lovely weekend!

All the best from Shoreditch!

January 27, 2015 / Netmera

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