App marketing 2016: how to build your guerrilla strategy

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Apple recently cutting down the approval time for new submissions to the App Store it’s a further signal that more and more mobile apps will populate our lives in the next future. If you want to give your app a chance to grow in such an overcrowded landscape, make sure to build a guerrilla app marketing strategy based on research, successful use cases and consistency. Here are 3 app marketing best practices for 2016.

Build a rich multi-channel experience for your users

In a few there for your users. Once your app is out there, your work has just begun. What’s your app about? What’s the value people can get out of it? Answer to these questions in a few simple lines and deliver the message to your target audience through relevant social media channels. Then carefully monitor all the feedback you receive and engage with people asking for questions/support. The more channels you can use the better, but don’t overdo it if you don’t have enough time to engage through all the available channels: just focus on some of them and make them grow!

Let email marketing be an essential part of your app marketing

Email is hard to die! I know, it’s not easy to engage users via email, and sometimes the whole experience might end up being very frustrating. But the truth is that email marketing is an amazing challenge, it requires several attempts and adjustments along the way, but once you find a ‘working formula’ you will enjoy great results. So stick to email marketing to support your app marketing: build a mailing list and send out newsletters about your app changes, updates, future steps. Engage people in your journey and ask them feedback to improve your product/service. Let your users feel part of the development process since day one and share with them all the achievements.


Start building push notification campaigns to engage your app users. There are a lot of appealing ways to remind users about your product and inform them about cool offers, discounts or news going on through the app. Be it a short text with an effective call to action or a push notification enriched by a great image or video, mobile engagement campaigns really help you increase your app opens rate and the daily active user base. Top Tip: broadcast campaigns are becoming less and less effective: the future is in mobile personalization! Make a constant effort to observe your users’ behavior and build campaigns on the data you collect. People will appreciate receiving messages tailored to their personal experience, background, location and preferences…as long as you don’t bombard them with it 😉

The few suggested tactics for a successful #AppMarketing strategy in 2016 have in common an important rule: there is no such thing as ‘the right message’ if you don’t ask yourself first: ‘Who am I writing to?’ You might have great news or products to talk about, but you won’t grab people’s attention unless you show them you know who they are and what they really need.

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May 23, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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