A quick guide to Deep Links

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Deep linking is one of the most popular topics in mobile app marketing. In fact, deep links are a powerful tool in the hands of every app marketer who aims to boost the engagement and retention of his/her mobile users. I know you probably read a lot about this topic…but a quick recap can’t hurt. Don’t you agree? ūüėČ

What is deep linking?

Deep linking is basically providing mobile users with a shortcut to your mobile application. Essentially, deep links are special links that lead your audience deep within your app and give your users¬†access to specific content you want them to see.¬†Deep links contain the name of your mobile application and the name of the page you want to redirect your users to. Usually, in order for these links to work, your app has to be installed on the phone of the customers you are targeting, but more sophisticated deep links (the so called conditional deep links) provide users who don’t have the app yet with the chance to download it first from the app store and then access the specific content you wanted to show them. In a nutshell, deep links are similar to URL but don’t drive users to a website: instead, once clicked these links open a specific mobile application and make it easier for customers to use it again.

Why is it important to use deep links?

You might be familiar with the following scenario: your mobile app is showing a pretty good download rate, but your users are not engaging so much with your product. In fact, after they downloaded your mobile app and interacted with it for a few days, they basically forgot about it. How can you solve the problem? How can you make sure your users will come back to your app?

Push Notifications are the key driver for mobile app users engagement and retention, as shown by this Infographic that takes into account e-commerce and retail cases. Push notifications enriched with deep links really have that extra oomph that makes them way more effective. Why? Because deep links drive users right inside the app, engage them with specific content, make it easier for them to make a purchase, browse your app in detail, discover new products/services, become more familiar with the concept behind your app and learn there is always a good reason to come back to it, like special promotions, cool offers, great deals.

Deep Links are vital to increase¬†your mobile app conversion and retention rates, because they strengthen the relationship between your active users and your app, they re-engage¬†inactive users and they make it easy for your audience to get (and remember) what your app is about and what’s the value it can add to their life.

Deep Links with Netmera

Netmera is a mobile application engagement platform which helps you create a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns. The platform allows you to easily build different types of Push Notifications, and to enrich them with deep links.

From the Developers menu, located on the left side of the panel, it’s easy to access the Deeplinks section:


This section is the place for us to add¬†the deep links for our mobile application, by assigning a Name and a specific URI (this is the name of Deep Links’ URL) to them:



After creating our Deep Links, we will be able to include them in our message while building our mobile marketing campaigns:


Here ends our quick overview of Deep Links. Any questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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November 7, 2016 / Laura Cerone

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